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MEPCO, the Multan Electric Power Company, plays a vital role in distributing electricity to offices, homes, factories, and other establishments in the Multan region.

As with any electric utility company, MEPCO sets its rates and charges based on various factors, such as the tariff structure and fuel costs.

In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of MEPCO rates for 2024, including new connection rates, unit rates, net metering, meter readings, bill calculations, and other essential information.

Mepco Rates

Mepco Rates for New Connection

When applying for a new connection with MEPCO, there are certain charges and fees to be considered. Once the application form is submitted, MEPCO will provide a notice detailing the security deposits, new meter charges, and other connection fees that are required.

These charges are approved by NEPRA, the regulatory authority for electric power, and are based on consumer eligibility criteria.

To proceed, the designated charges must be deposited in the bank using an approved application form. Security deposits can be refunded upon disconnection.

MEPCO Unit Rate

The MEPCO Teriff is a significant factor in determining electricity costs for consumers and paying mepco bills. It represents the cost per unit of energy consumed. MEPCO calculates unit rates based on the prevailing tariff structure.

Each year, MEPCO updates its tariff structure, which in turn affects the unit rate calculation. The unit rate can be found on the electricity bill and is essential in estimating energy expenses accurately.

Comparison of New and Old Electricity Unit Rates of Residential Consumers

Here is a detailed comparison of electricity unit rates Before and after July – 23. You can compare the old and new unit rates to understand the price difference.

The following unit rates are only applicable If you have not consumed more than 200 units in the previous 6-month duration.

Consumed Units Old Unit Rates New Unit Rates (W.E.F. July – 23)
0 to 50 3.95 Rs. 3.95 Rs.
51 to 100 7.74 Rs. 7.74 Rs.
101 to 200 10.06 Rs. 10.06 Rs.
Old and New Units Comparison for Consumers with Less than 200 Units

If you have consumed more than 200 units then the following new prices will apply that are effected from July 2023.

Consumed Units Old Unit Rates New Unit Rates (W.E.F. July – 23)
01 to 100 13.48 Rs. 16.48 Rs.
101 to 200 18.96 Rs. 22.95 Rs.
201 to 300 22.14 Rs. 27.14 Rs.
301 to 400 25.53 Rs. 32.03 Rs.
401 to 500 27.74 Rs. 35.24 Rs.
501 to 600 29.16 Rs. 36.66 Rs.
601 to 700 30.30 Rs. 37.80 Rs.
Above 700 Units 35.22 Rs. 42.72 Rs.
DOM. TOD (Peak) 34.39 Rs. 41.89 Rs.
DOM. TOD (Off Peak) 28.07 Rs. 35.57 Rs.
Old and New Units Comparison for Consumers with more than 200 Units

MEPCO Net Metering

MEPCO offers net metering, a program that allows consumers with solar power systems to feed excess electricity back into the national grid.

By doing so, consumers earn credits that can offset their monthly bills. To qualify for net metering, consumers must adhere to NEPRA’s rules and regulations.

This requires submitting a complete application along with the necessary documents. It is crucial to ensure that all requirements are met to avoid rejection and subsequent reapplication.

Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering brings several benefits to consumers who embrace solar power systems.

Firstly, surplus electricity is no longer wasted but instead contributes to reducing the consumer’s bill. This leads to significant savings over time.

Secondly, net metering provides an affordable solution, eliminating the need for expensive battery systems.

Thirdly, it helps address common issues such as load shedding and low voltage, enhancing overall power reliability. Moreover, net metering requires minimal maintenance, making it a hassle-free option.

Lastly, the costs invested in the solar power system can be recovered within three to five years of use, allowing for substantial savings over the system’s lifespan of at least 25 years.

MEPCO Meter Reading

Regular meter readings are conducted by MEPCO to determine the amount of electricity consumed by consumers. These readings are performed each month, following the billing cycle, to accurately assess power usage and calculate charges accordingly.

The responsibility for meter reading lies with the local distribution offices, which ensure that readings are completed promptly and efficiently.

MEPCO Bill Calculation Formula

Calculating MEPCO electricity bills involves specific formulas based on energy consumption. While engineers may be familiar with these calculations, MEPCO provides a user-friendly approach for non-engineers.

Consumers can visit the official MEPCO website and utilize the built-in bill calculation formula. By entering the required information in the provided fields, the system generates an accurate bill calculation. This simplifies the process and ensures accurate billing for millions of consumers.

MEPCO Free Supply Form

MEPCO offers a free supply form exclusively for WAPDA employees. This form is used to apply for electricity concessions and requires relevant information, including the employee’s reference number. It serves as a means for employees to avail themselves of specific benefits and concessions related to their electricity consumption.

MEPCO Defaulter List

The MEPCO Defaulter List compiles the names of consumers, employees, departments, and organizations that have outstanding electricity bills.

This list includes personal information such as names, addresses, ages, and the amounts owed. Categorized by areas or circles, the defaulter list provides crucial information regarding payment arrears.

MEPCO Withholding Tax Statement

MEPCO Withholding Tax Statement refers to the amount deducted from an employee’s wages by their employer and remitted directly to the government. This withholding tax serves as a credit against the employee’s income taxes and is a mandatory obligation for employers.

Employers must file the MEPCO Withholding Tax Statement annually, reflecting the employees’ service within the company. The statement encompasses various categories related to the employee’s tenure and tax obligations.


Understanding MEPCO rates for 2023 is essential for consumers in the Multan region. By familiarizing themselves with the new connection rates, unit rates, net metering, meter reading procedures, bill calculations, and other relevant aspects, consumers can make informed decisions regarding their energy consumption.

MEPCO’s commitment to providing accurate billing and offering programs like net metering demonstrates its dedication to serving customers and promoting sustainable energy practices.

For specific and up-to-date information on MEPCO rates and procedures, it is advisable to refer to the official MEPCO website or visit the local MEPCO offices.

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