Mepco, or Multan Electric Power Company, is a key player in the power distribution sector in Pakistan, serving a significant population with reliable electricity services. If you’re seeking to obtain a new connection from Mepco, it’s essential to follow the correct procedures and guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Understanding Mepco:

Before diving into the new connection process, it’s beneficial to understand Mepco’s role in the power distribution system. Mepco is responsible for distributing electricity to various regions, including Multan and its surrounding areas. The company plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient delivery of electricity to homes, businesses, and industries.

Types of New Connections:

Mepco typically offers different types of connections to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. This may include residential connections, commercial connections, and industrial connections. Each type has specific requirements and procedures that applicants must follow.

Application Process:

To initiate the process of obtaining a new connection from Mepco, applicants usually need to submit a formal application. This application can often be obtained from Mepco’s official website or from their customer service offices. It’s important to fill out the application accurately and provide all the required information.

Documentation Requirements:

Mepco typically requires certain documents to accompany the new connection application. These documents may include proof of ownership or tenancy, national identity card copies, site plans, and any other documents deemed necessary. Ensuring that all required documents are in order can expedite the application process.

Site Inspection:

After submitting the application and necessary documents, Mepco may conduct a site inspection. This step is crucial to assess the feasibility of providing a new connection to the specified location. During the site inspection, Mepco representatives may evaluate factors such as the distance from existing power infrastructure and the technical requirements for the new connection.

Technical Requirements:

Understanding the technical specifications for the new connection is vital. Mepco will typically provide guidelines on the electrical load requirements, metering arrangements, and other technical aspects. It’s essential for applicants to adhere to these specifications to ensure a seamless integration of the new connection into Mepco’s grid.

Fee Structure:

Mepco generally imposes certain fees for new connections, covering various aspects such as processing, meter installation, and security deposits. Applicants should be aware of the fee structure and ensure that all payments are made in accordance with the provided guidelines.

Approval Process:

Once the application, documentation, and site inspection are completed, the approval process begins. Mepco will review the application and determine whether the new connection can be granted based on technical feasibility, legal requirements, and other relevant factors.

Meter Installation:

Upon receiving approval, Mepco will proceed with the installation of the electricity meter at the designated location. The meter is a crucial component for measuring and billing electricity consumption accurately.


Obtaining a new connection from Mepco involves a systematic and procedural approach. Following the correct steps, providing accurate information, and adhering to technical specifications are key elements in ensuring a successful application process. It’s crucial to stay informed about any updates or changes to Mepco’s policies and procedures by regularly checking their official website or contacting their customer service. By following this comprehensive guide, individuals and businesses can navigate the process of obtaining a new connection from Mepco with confidence and efficiency.